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Glossary of Terminology and Common Abbreviations
By: Myra Markley

ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
AKC American Kennel Club
CGC Canine Good Citizen: awarded through the AKC for dogs who pass Obedience training
Dressed See Vested
Harness: Pull Like sled-dog gear so the dog can pull a wheelchair without physical injury
Harness: Stability Designed to allow the handler to put some weight on the dog without harming the dog
Lead Leash
OT-SD or OTSD Owner Trained Service Dog
PSD Protection Service Dog
Public Access Test given to certify a service dog can work out in the general public
SD Service Dog
SDIT Service Dog In Training
Vest light weight material warn over the dogs back
Vested Service Dog is wearing a vest, pack or harness which identifies the dog as a working dog

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