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Welcome to K9s at Work. This site is dedicated to hard working dogs everywhere. The primary function of this site is to inform the general public about service dogs as well as to help those who need service dogs learn more about them and how to obtain or train one. While many people get service dogs through non-profit organizations that specialize in the breeding, training and pairing dogs with new owners, many more people are starting to train their own dogs to be service dogs.

This sites focus is on Service dogs for the disabled but you may see mentions of Search & Rescue dogs, Police dogs, Protection dogs and Therapy dogs throughout the site.

The Information section contains information articles and resources about selecting, training and equipping the dogs. It also contains a copy of the laws regarding service dogs in general and guidelines for service dog behavior and owners responsibilities.

Service dogs for the Disabled fall in to several different categories and each category of dogs is trained slightly differently.

  • Mobility Normally used to pull a wheelchair and help person with transfers or stability.
  • Retrieving Picking up items, moving items, turning on and off lights: Daily life stuff.
  • Hearing Alerts a hearing impaired individual to potential danger.
  • Seeing-eye Guides the visually impaired safely through his/her daily life.
  • Seizure Warns the owner of impending seizure or some other nervous system problem.
  • Psych-dogs Comforts those who live with anxiety issues.

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